What are the Advantages of e-Commerce over Traditional Retail Business?

Advantages of e-Commerce

As e-commerce is on the rise, more and more businesses have switched or have started to dabble in the world of e-commerce. These businesses have seen the advantages of e-commerce over traditional retail business. Moreover, e-commerce has the potential to reach a wider audience since it can easily be available and opened for the world.

Let’s take a look at what these advantages are. You will never know you might find yourself in the same endeavor and it helps if you know what you are getting yourself into.

  1. e-Commerce overcomes geographical limitations

This is basically one of the strongest advantage of e-commerce over traditional retail business. There’s no need to put up a store in a specific location where only the people within an acceptable radius can come and visit. The limited geographical area you can provide service or sell products in a traditional business doesn’t exist with e-commerce.

An e-commerce website’s playground is the world. Anyone who can get in to your website has the power to look at your catalog, browse through your services and get to know more about your business. Ultimately, anywhere you are in the world, you can transact on an e-commerce website, whether you are buying a product or subscribing to a particular service.

  1. With search engine visibility, you can potentially gain new customers everyday

There’s always a new customer that you can gain whenever you are on top of the search rankings. With the power of Search Engine Optimization, your website can be on top of every related word searches by anyone in the world. That’s immediately a potential customer. Moreover, websites link to other websites and online marketing has become so much of a big thing now that it enables anyone from any part of the globe to reach your website in a matter of seconds even if they don’t have any idea on what your business is all about.

  1. e-Commerce offers lower cost

One of the many great tangible advantages of e-commerce is the lower cost. Real estate cost is much lower compared to having a traditional retail store because there’s no need to put up a big building to house as well as display the products you are selling. There’s no need for a permanent physical location to put up an e-commerce business. Advertising and marketing costs are significantly lower because there’s a lot of available tools online where you can take advantage of powerful advertising and marketing mechanisms. All of these happen over the Internet and there’s no need for actual billboards and the likes to market your business. Lastly, personnel is one of the great advantage of an e-commerce business. There’s a lot of automation happening within an e-commerce business, such as payments, billing operational processes and inventory management. There’s also no need to hire a lot of employees to run the e-commerce business, just a few specialists who are available online without a lot of heavy lifting.

  1. It is easier to locate the product

Unlike traditional retail stores, there’s no need to push pushcarts and walking across the aisles to locate the product you are looking for. Imagine you are in Walmart and have to navigate through all the aisles to find the specific shampoo brand you are looking for. That takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Sometimes, when you get unlucky, the shampoo brand you are looking for is out of stock, not sold or it is not the size you are willing to pay for. E-commerce provides you a powerful and intuitive tool to search for the product you are looking for without having to spend a lot of minutes navigating. Moreover, there are really great tools employed by e-commerce websites where it can predict your next choices by analyzing your behavior and actions or your preferences when you are in the website.

  1. e-Commerce eliminates cost and travel time

Finally, one of the best thing about e-commerce website is you don’t have to walk, run or drive in order to go to the store. You just need to open up your phone or your computer and go to the website to order a product or subscribe to a service. This really powerful innovation and game changer were the primary advantages of e-commerce. E-commerce not offers this advantage for the business owners most importantly to the consumers.

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