4 Critical Skills You Need in e-Commerce

Today, e-commerce has been a tremendous player in the economy. There’s more and more e-commerce businesses that pop up every now and then over the Internet world. However, thinking about e-commerce, what 4 critical skills do you need in e-commerce in order to be successful? We have listed them down below. Software Development By far, the most crucial and key element of e-commerce is software development. An e-commerce business will not launch without the fundamentals of software development. Moreover, it will not thrive without the expertise of software developers constantly evolving and innovating the business. There’s a lot of requirements Read More

The 4 Advantages of Using e-Commerce Website Integration with Multiple Gateways

If you are an entrepreneur who is setting up your own online shopping site, chances are you are following a checklist of technical requirements that would look like this: e-commerce software hosting security data backup shipping software payment gateway There’s a ton of information available online that talks about choosing the right payment way to use in an online shopping site. Unfortunately, most of these online resources and content don’t provide enough information about why you will need to use more than one payment gateway. There is a prevailing public opinion about a single payment gateway rule – that this Read More

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