Create Promotions Using Magento’s e-Commerce Pricing Rules

e-Commerce Pricing

An essential part of any e-commerce business is effective online store management – no brainer! If you are launching an e-commerce business or already own one, effective online store management is a huge priority you can’t afford to overlook. This big fundamental creates a huge difference between putting up an e-commerce website versus managing an e-commerce business. There’s a wide difference and you should know this is a basic.

Whether you are new to effective online store management or not, we have put together a practical tips guide to help you navigate the world of special promotions and shopping cart pricing rules to help you correctly use them. We are going to be talking within Magento landscape and its helpful platform with e-commerce flexible coupons pricing rules, which is a huge help to create promotions.

You will need to keep in mind that you can set special actions and conditions to each promotional rule. Moreover, that rule will only be applied when those parameters are met.

The tab responsible for the whole application of the rule is the Conditions tab and the tab responsible for the rules to be applied for the products in the cart is the Actions tab. Say for example, a cart with subtotal of over 100 or with a product X would be governed within the Conditions tab while the Actions tab applies the rules on the product or the subtotal in the cart.

Since we’re talking within Magento landscape, we want to keep your mind darted straight to the most popular shopping cart conditions or pricing rules combinations – the Cheapest and the Most Expensive. Take note, the Special Promotions extension will need to be installed in order for you to work on them.

The Cheapest

This rule combination is probably one of the most popular e-commerce flexible coupons that provides customers a discount on the product with the cheapest price in the shopping cart. Take this for example:

  • If there are 2 products in the shopping cart each priced at $10 and $20 and we apply a 50% discount at the Actions tab. What the customer will get is a $5 discount.

Now, let’s dig a little bit deeper into this:

To put this into effect, we’ll need to define the conditions in order for the rule to be applied. Picture this: we will set the conditions to the following (these are actual conditions syntax within Magento):

  1. If ALL of these conditions are TRUE
  2. Subtotal equals or greater than 500

How this works will be that the rule will only apply when the cart subtotals 500 or more.

Now, setting the Actions tab into action, we will need to specify what particular products to apply the rule for and the discounts.

  1. Select The Cheapest in the Apply dropdown option
  2. Set Discount Amount to 50
  3. Set Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To to 1
  4. Set Discount Qty Step (Buy X) to 1

How this works is that a 50% discount will be applied to the product with the lowest price in the cart. Moreover, the pricing rules can also be applied to bundle products as well as configurable products. If we decide to apply the rules to bundle items, we will need to give the admin the ability to choose how to apply the discounts in the bundle products – whether as a set of individual items or as a single product.

Now, if you play around and add products into the cart that will total to 899.98, then the condition, which is a subtotal that is equal or greater than 500, is fulfilled.

The Most Expensive

An opposite strategy to the most common and popular e-commerce flexible coupon is using the Most Expensive action for more advanced promotion. Logically, this action applies the discount on the most expensive item in the cart, as detailed and specified in the settings.

To make this work, you will need to configure it in the Conditions tab and ensure the following are selected:

  1. If ALL of these conditions are TRUE
  2. Total quantity equals or greater than 1 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions
  3. Category is 26

What this means is that the customer will need to add at least 1 product to the cart from the Category 26 (say these are for Mobile Gadgets) in order for the rule to apply.

At the Actions tab, we will then need to set the discount amount at say, 10% and then specify what products from the Category we specified (Mobile Gadgets) the discounts will be applied to

  1. Select The Most Expensive in the Apply dropdown option
  2. Set Discount Amount to 10
  3. Set Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To to 1
  4. Set Discount Qty Step (Buy X) to 1

We hope this will help you out create your promotions with Magento and build a better strategy for effective online store management.

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