The Benefits of Internet of Things to e-Commerce

The Internet and e-commerce have come a long way over the past years and it have seen a huge boom in many different bubbles. A lot of billionaires have been produced and there’s no stopping anytime soon. Many people have thrived and become successful by grasping the wide and deep opportunities that Internet and e-commerce can offer. Recently, the rising major component of web design is user experience. The highest number of activity over the Internet is based on the interaction between the service and the user – whether it is blogging or email. In the next few years, there’s Read More

What are the Advantages of e-Commerce over Traditional Retail Business?

As e-commerce is on the rise, more and more businesses have switched or have started to dabble in the world of e-commerce. These businesses have seen the advantages of e-commerce over traditional retail business. Moreover, e-commerce has the potential to reach a wider audience since it can easily be available and opened for the world. Let’s take a look at what these advantages are. You will never know you might find yourself in the same endeavor and it helps if you know what you are getting yourself into. e-Commerce overcomes geographical limitations This is basically one of the strongest advantage Read More

4 Critical Skills You Need in e-Commerce

Today, e-commerce has been a tremendous player in the economy. There’s more and more e-commerce businesses that pop up every now and then over the Internet world. However, thinking about e-commerce, what 4 critical skills do you need in e-commerce in order to be successful? We have listed them down below. Software Development By far, the most crucial and key element of e-commerce is software development. An e-commerce business will not launch without the fundamentals of software development. Moreover, it will not thrive without the expertise of software developers constantly evolving and innovating the business. There’s a lot of requirements Read More

The 8 Biggest e-Commerce Companies in the World Today

E-Commerce is nowadays the new shopping malls or department stores. It has risen to the demands of the many users who prefer to shop online instead of driving down to the city mall or the department store. The convenience of e-Commerce has undoubtedly surpassed its initial purpose. Today, there are billion dollar e-Commerce companies that exist around the world. Let’s take a look at the 8 biggest e-Commerce companies in the world. Groupon Groupon was launched in 2008 in Chicago. This American e-commerce company completely reshaped the concept of group discount online shopping. Groupon enabled and connected its subscribers to Read More

Types of e-Commerce Businesses: Understanding the Differences

E-commerce has become the new way of doing business inside the digital world nowadays. It has risen exponentially across the years and has grown into a wide variety of types to fit the needs of every business and/or customer. You can’t just jump right into e-commerce without fully understanding the types that exist today and knowing the differences of each type. The process of classifying the types of e-commerce businesses is a little bit tricky – not at all daunting but it is essential to understanding the fundamentals behind them and the purpose why it is segregated into different categories. Read More

Understanding e-Commerce Shopping Cart Software

Part of the topmost priority and requirement when selling online and setting up your own online store is using an e-commerce shopping cart software. This priority resides at the top of the list and is critical in making your online store an effective and successful entrepreneurship endeavor. You might wonder – what is an e-commerce shopping cart software? The simplest definition of an e-commerce shopping cart software is it facilitates the purchase of a product or service within your online retail store. This software accepts customer’s payments as well as organizes the distribution of all these information to the merchant, Read More

The 4 Advantages of Using e-Commerce Website Integration with Multiple Gateways

If you are an entrepreneur who is setting up your own online shopping site, chances are you are following a checklist of technical requirements that would look like this: e-commerce software hosting security data backup shipping software payment gateway There’s a ton of information available online that talks about choosing the right payment way to use in an online shopping site. Unfortunately, most of these online resources and content don’t provide enough information about why you will need to use more than one payment gateway. There is a prevailing public opinion about a single payment gateway rule – that this Read More

Create Promotions Using Magento’s e-Commerce Pricing Rules

An essential part of any e-commerce business is effective online store management – no brainer! If you are launching an e-commerce business or already own one, effective online store management is a huge priority you can’t afford to overlook. This big fundamental creates a huge difference between putting up an e-commerce website versus managing an e-commerce business. There’s a wide difference and you should know this is a basic. Whether you are new to effective online store management or not, we have put together a practical tips guide to help you navigate the world of special promotions and shopping cart Read More

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